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 2003 - 2008      High School of Applied Arts (“SHUPI”), majoring Artistic Woodworking;

 2009 - 2013      B.A. at the National Art Academy, Sofia, specializing in Sculpture - assoc.                     Tsvetoslav Hristov’s class

 2013 - 2015      M.A. at the National Art Academy, Sofia, specializing in Form and Movement  -                   assoc. Tsvetoslav Hristov’s class


Participation in exhibitions

 2016  First exhibition of DAFNI (Society of Animals, Florists and Scientific              

       Illustrators), National Museum of Natural History, Sofia, Bulgaria 

 2016  “Exhibition in a Barn”, Levka village, Bulgaria

 2016  Exibition “WITHOUT DISTANCE”450х450х450, House of Humour and Satire, Gabrovo,


 2015  Exibition “Тhe Great Return”,Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski”, Sofia, Bulgaria

 2015  Organizer Exibition “Art out of the Drawer” , The Red House-Centre for culture and

       debate,Sofia, Bulgaria

 2015  Sofia Underground - Performance Art Festival, National Palace of Culture,

       Sofia, Bulgaria

 2015  International Bienal of Humour and Satire, House of Humour and Satire, Gabrovo,


 2015  Exibition “Destination Plastic”, Pernik City Gallery, Bulgaria

 2014  Commemorative exhibition “In Memory of the Master (Vladimir Dimitrov)”, Shishkovtsi            village, Bulgaria

 2014  National Sculpture Exhibition, Union of Bulgarian artists, Sofia, Bulgaria

 2014  Symposium and Exhibition “On the path of the Master”, Kyustendil City                          Gallery, Kyustendil, Bulgaria

 2014  Exhibition “Will”, National Palace of Culture, Sofia, Bulgaria

 2012  Exhibition “Become a bird”, Industrial Gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria

 2012  Exhibition “Toma Trifonovski and Friends”, Vidima Gallery, Sevlievo, Bulgaria

 2011  Exhibition “Music and the Forest”, dedicated to the International Year of the Forest,          National Museum of Natural History, Sofia, Bulgaria

 2011  Photography Contest and Exhibition “Pernik - my beautiful and unknown county” - won            second prize, Pernik, Bulgaria

 2010  Exhibition “Professors and Graduates from SHUPI”, Sofia, Bulgaria

 2007  Exhibition at the German Embassy - organized by SHUPI, Sofia, Bulgaria

Born in 1989 in Sofia, Bulgaria

Works in the field of artistic wood-carving, sculpture, interior design, painting, etc. With his sculptures selected for various student and national exhibitions, he shows his way of borrowing synthesized information from the shapes of Nature, while his privately commisioned works cover a whole spectrum of themes, materials and workmanship.

Mincho graduated from the School of Applied Arts in Sofia and then continued his studies at the National Academy of Arts.

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